Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Short and Sweet !!!

He's Home !!!

 Britt [Brittainy Collins]: Maggot
 Nena Tuscani di Lestat [Nena Easterwood]: turns and her expression changes, she growls
Adahlia Meadows [anita Seljan] turns from her perch " oh the big meanies back! do i get to fight you today or get pushed to the sidelines again!"
 Toecutter Slingshot glares at the Contessa " open that hole under your nose again to me and ill fuck you up once and for all you od fucking hag " ..... steps forward and takes out my crosses .....
  Toecutter Slingshot unsheaths the Crosses of the Dammed
 Britt [Brittainy Collins] Contessa Bridget eyes narrow and she steps forward "wantto fight now amdis?"
  Britt [Brittainy Collins]: nena get on the stairs you dont have a weapon and i dont want you hurt
 Toecutter Slingshot grins " bitch im going to tear your fucking head off .........." walks to the arena ...." your reigh of shit ends now ....."
  Britt [Brittainy Collins]: get on the stairs NOW
  Nena Tuscani di Lestat [Nena Easterwood]: nods to her "yes Contessa..." glares at Amdis
 Britt [Brittainy Collins] Contessa Bridget sweeps him a mocking bow
  Britt [Brittainy Collins]: ready when you are
 Adahlia Meadows [anita Seljan] grins under ehr mask as she silently chears on her brother before mumbleing " i hope brother gets me dinner tonight"
 Stella Valentino [Asuka Catnap] smiles watching with interest.
  Britt [Brittainy Collins]: unless you need a shield to fight me
 Toecutter Slingshot: "when this is over Contessa im going to gut you leave your old ass in the arena "
 Britt [Brittainy Collins]: oh i am sure you will
 Toecutter Slingshot: bring it on leech
  Britt [Brittainy Collins]: come here maggot
 Britt [Brittainy Collins]: happy now?
  Britt [Brittainy Collins]: now go away
 Britt [Brittainy Collins] Contessa Bridget coughs as she falls ot her knees
 Adahlia Meadows [anita Seljan] jumps up off her perch and starts moveing over to the " nice lady" to help
  Toecutter Slingshot growls and grabs you by the throat pinning you to the pillar " now you fucking parasite .............. you will learn your true place " takes out a silver blade " time for games are over Contessa " rams the blade in to your stomach " ive grown tired of your mouth " twists the blade in your guts then tears it out up thru your chest and neck ........ blood spewing form your wound i let your body fall to the cobblestone floor ....... " die you fucking cunt ....." spits on your body raging like never before .......
 Jason Goldbard [John Frangible]: yawns some more, showing no visible signs of emotion as he shuffles his way over next to his pet, eying the man up suspiciously as he takes
 his place next to her, seemingly trying to help as well
  Toecutter Slingshot looks around blood filling my eyes " the time for playing nice with you fucking leeches is over !!! " stares at you all " hear my words you fucking rodents ...........
." sheaths the corsses and walks away .....
Oh Hell .......  Many are Home ..... Join Us won't  you !!
This weekend ...  we Look forward to seeing you there  !! 

VisContessa SeaBreeze tried to read notes  past the blood .
As  Torture is always such a Mess....xox

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bathory Presents Torture Festival Weekend !!!

Come one.. Come all.. 
Come from the shadows.. give into your desires.. 
not the easy ones.. not the simple ones.. the dark ones.. 
the ones that tempt you
to push beyond the limit. 
 Come the Piazza for the Torture Carnival for pleasure and 
Bring your Leathers and Laces.. we dance and let the blood flow.. 

Bathory Presents 
Torture Festival Weekend 
 Location The Piazza 

Leather and Lace Masquerade
 Saturday May 18th
2pm SLT
Humans attend at our pleasure.

Torture Ball
Sunday Make 19th 
12pm SLT 
Prizes for Best Torture RP

Friday, March 22, 2013

Il Sangreal de Drakul Presents Alice the Madness in Wonderland Ball

March 22nd, 5-8pm SLT

Come one, come all hurry hurry and don't be late!!
Step through the looking glass for a very important date!!
But don't you fear, this one is not for the faint of heart,
Through the shadows, and creeping through the dark.....

Il Sangreal de Drakul is proud to present

Alice the Madness in Wonderland Ball
in honor of the Drakul Festival of Light
We bring you the Dark.

Contact ceceliadominika resident if any questions :)

Best dressed costume contest, judged by the "Mad Court" **

- Queen Of Hearts- Baronessa Adri
- White Queen- Diva Nena
- Dark Alice- Huntress Sabella,
- sweet.....Alice- Viscontessa Breezy
- Mad Hatters- Lord  Nathaniel Thatcher & Lady Terrwyn Shergood
- White Rabbit- Lady Naomi Dominika
- Cheshire Cat- Lord Damien Mistfang
- Tweedledee, Tweedledum-
- Catarpiller- Lord Antonio Dimitri Lestat
- March Hare-

-Need lots of crazy flowers, card soldiers, anything else psychotic and demented like a twisted forest character.

If any of the above are not filled yet please get with me if interested. Please remember to be creative, and have fun in dressing up, think dark, twisted and a bit demented. Dark Alice, not Disney :)

**Judges for costume contest are myself, Diva Nena and Huntress Sabella

Lots of prizes, music and dancing :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DeRais Festival of Youth Recap ....

The Festival was just Beautiful .. Thoughtful and Most Generous .
The Coven put on an  Amazing Event . 
Breezy had the pleasure of greeting The DeRaisLeader Zarek Enoch
and wishing him and all his the very best Early . 
 First Was The Blessing of The Youth . 
The High Priestess Kylie Did a Lovely Blessing .

Zarek Enoch  Our Host .  
 The Stunning Silena Constantine Our Hostess . 

The Fireworks were Just Fabulous . 
Special thanks to Macuran Teardrop
**Indeed the best fireworks on The Grid Sir ! 
Special thanks to Silena for amazing prizes 
and to all the judges !!!
 BEST IN CRIMSON & BLACK (Received giftcards) 
1st  Moon and Antonio
 2nd Breezy and Cassius 
3rd was Amaterus  and Thatcher.
: 6 winners of gowns - Anita, Allora, Sierradanielle08 , Emeraldbetzalel , Amber, Rouge/Sabella.
 3 male winners of Utopia outfit - Cassius/Vehlin Decosta, Corum Mcconaught and John Frangible
 Greedy winners - Peri, Antonio and Fayte.

Friday, February 1, 2013

DeRais Festival of Youth

     DeRais Festival of Youth
Location - Demonican Church
4:00p.m. SLT - Opening - Blessing of Youth by the Demonican.

Location - Piazza
5:00p.m. SLT - DeRais Underground Gambling (AKA - Greedy Tournament) (4 tables will be put out, accommodates 32 players (8 players per table) - 1000G to be won per table - 4000G in Total)

Location - Arsenal (Enter the doors guarded by the lions)
6:00p.m. - Dance at the arsenal. Best in Crimson & Black
Gift Cards will be give out here for

1st Place - 8500L in Gift Cards
       Men - 5000L (Lapointe & Bastchild gift-card)
Women - 3500L (Son!a Gift Card)
2nd Place - 4000L in Gift Cards
         Men - 2500L (Lapointe & Bastchild gift-card
Women - 1500L (Son!a Gift Card)
3rd Place - 1750L in Gift Cards
       Men - 1000L (Lapointe & Bastchild gift-card)
Women - 750L (Son!a Gift Card)

There will also be 6 dresses -
*And Free ladies boots textured in Crimson and Black for this event specifically. As well as Free Skins, set up at 12 stations so ladies can choose their own skin preference. Alienbear Jewelry and Virtual Impression Jewelry sets *
And 3 suits for the men -
( Any colour (Your choice of Red, Black, Blue, Emerald, Purple or Choco)
These (6 dresses & 3 suits) will be personally sent from marketplace by (Silena Constantine) as gifts from the DeRais Sabat. These items will be give for the best rp. (Judges will be 4 leaders) - They will be give based on rp/in character interaction during the events.
Given out before the fireworks.
8:00p.m. SLT - Fireworks at end of Dance over the arsenal.
So, in all some great opportunities to rp and over 21K in prizes to be won, plus the added bonus of 3000G. Everyone leaves with a little gift, be it shoes, skins, clothes or SGS Gold. Total WIN WIN.

Friday, January 25, 2013

a most special new acquaintance .

 Every Night comes alive In the Spectacular City of Venexia.
 There are stories building and wondrous tales yet to  unfold..
Vis Contessa Seabreeze of Bathory
 keeps a low profile in the city she  adores, the City Of Venexia .
In this most special city on the water that never sleeps .
Her nights are still full of surprises as she quietly keeps to herself .
Not many she trusts these days, for not many she truly knows.
In The Garden of Magic, Alone she quietly continues 
her fireball mastered training, perhaps the third eye .. The wind is her friend .
Things happen in and come from the breezes from the Sea .. Dark, Mysterious and quite Special things . 
Its rather hard to put into mere words for it is a most powerful  inner feeling. 
These feelings are not for mere mortals for they are deep and expand  in the mind of a chosen .
It is not frequent that a powerful mind of a chosen can be taken on a journey !
The likes that can stop us , make time stand still,captivate our attention.
 Tempt us, perhaps warn, or truly embrace our mind , teaching and exposing with wisdom .
 Tonight she meets quite a strange and unique phenomena .. of nature .
At first glance it seems like a mere swarm of Bats .. Alas nothing mere about these beings ,as
there is nothing normal about this encounter at all .
For it sparks her mind and senses tenfold, soothes her  yet Fascinates and excites her own curious depth.
It is the likes and feeling of nothing she has even seen or known before . 
At first she is approached then surrounded by the bats .. 
Then there is almost a surreal quiet as the creatures of the night 
first observe one another's existence. 
 For some reason, she does not feel frightened or annoyed nor wishes to shun the bats but rather, 
she observes in silence. She almost feels hypnotized by them as they too observe her.
But they are more then observing her, They seem to be about to communicate with her, Not with words.
Her mind is filled with a story, one she can not share at this point, for it is not her story to share, it is theirs.
Some how they even made her smile . laughter is something Chosen do not share with all . 
But, some how these bats were extraordinary refreshing ! 
 The story moved Breezy its was powerful, tragic and most unique  . 
Yet these Bats were not cold, they were full of knowledge, power and strength of .... 
dare she write, quite an impressive being. This all was something very different and new to her . 
How extraordinary she thought to herself .
Their knowledge over centuries was shared, they seemed to understand the City and were quite aware!
Soon it was almost day break, the bats mentally 
advised Breezy the night had come to a close and it was time for her 
to gingerly  return to her home .
Breezy nodded .. and spoke for the first time all night whispering
 Thank You ..
The Bats .. flew around her and surrounded  her .
She felt a warm sense for she knew with out a doubt
 she had just made a most special new acquaintance .